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Нашей целью было создание идеальной секс-игрушки для стимуляции G-точки, чтобы женщины и их партнёры могли достигать наивысшей точки наслаждения. Мы знали, что для этого нужно изучить эту сферу максимально глубоко. Была проведена серьёзная работа с гине

Producer: JE JOUE
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JE JOUE Gi-Kii Purple
JE JOUE Gi-Kii Lilac
JE JOUE Gi-Kii Fuchsia
JE JOUE Gi-Kii Black


Click it, find it, map it.

A G-spot stimulator for both men and women. 


G-Kii or G-KEY?

When it comes to our bodies there is no „one size fits all“ solution, which is why g-Kii has been created to be as flexible as possible. Whether to help you find your G-Spot for the first time, or to mix things up a bit, G-Kii has been ergonomically shaped to help you explore the positions and angles you find most enjoyable.

Ready to start your G-Spot journey? Here’s some information on how to begin..


G-Beginners – Bespoke pleasure.

Begin with applying some water-based lube before taking G-Kii for a stroll. Explore all over the labia area, arousing your clitoris and stimulating all the nerves in these very erogenous zones of your body...

1)      Studies say that a majority of women are more prone to get a clitoral orgasm rather than a vaginal one. We recommend you to start using G-Kii completely curved to stimulate both clitoris and G-Spot area in an up and down rocking motion.

2)      As you get more comfortable, you will not need as much clitoral stimulation and want to focus more on the G-Spot. Rocking G-Kii up and down will allow you to alternatively hit either the clitoris or the G-Spot and help you differentiate where pleasure comes from.

3)      Once you’re familiar with your inner sensation, use G-Kii in its extended position to start building up your G-orgasm. This open angle is probably the best for games with your partner, allowing him or her to pilot your G-experience.

If you are a G-Expert, reverse this process. Start from step 3 and finish with the first step. There are no rules so feel free to shuffle around all the angles of G-Kii.


Tip: Lube is your friend. Always use water-based lube with your toys!


The birth of your G-Tool

In our Quest to make the perfect G-Spot toy and bring pleasure to women and couples, we knew we had to thoroughly research the topic. Working with the Genealogical Association we were able to compare the measurements of over 10,000 women’s anatomies. After consulting with experts, from doctors to designers, we realised that only a customisable toy would ensure that the majority of women would find their exclusive G-Spot. G-Kii is the answer, with its adjustable function, making it as unique as every woman’s body! As with every toy of our range G-Kii is covered with the highest silicone quality to provide the safest and the most sensual experience.


Tip: Pressure is the key to a mind-blowing G-Experience.


What is the G-Spot?

First and foremost, the G-Spot is a real place in every woman’s body! It is an area of highly sensitive nerve endings inside the body that can, when properly stimulated, give incredible orgasms. Never forget that your brain is processing your G-Spot sensations, make sure you are relaxed, in the right mood and warmed up for the best experience.


Spot your G-Spot

It’s actually different for every woman. By getting to know your body you’ll soon be able to discover where your own G-Spot is located. As a basic guide, it’s typically found about 5 centimeters (2 inches) inside the vagina, toward the belly button.


How do I stimulate it?

Steady, consistent pressure is the key to G-Spot stimulation. Try using different techniques: a back and forth motion, up and down rocking motion or small, slow circles to begin with. When you find the rhythm that suits you or your partner best, the G-Spot will become enlarged (thickened) which is your body’s way of telling you you’re spot on.


Tip: With its special frequency, G-Kii offers an amazing low and rumbling vibration which transmits even deeper throughout your body.

Tip: Your G-spot area should feel ridgy like running your tongue around your palate. 



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